You will find your
people here

A pianist , a sociologist, a composer and an artist in collaboration.

Nestled between performance, film, composition, and exhibition, You Will Find Your People Here is a collaborative, interdisciplinary work by pianist Mareli Stolp (South Africa), sociologist Caroline Wanjiku Kihato (Kenya), composer Clare Loveday (South Africa), and artist Awo Tsegah (Ghana). The exhibition was shown at the 18th International Biennale Architettura in Venice from May through November 2023, as part of Curator Lesley Lokko’s special project on Gender and Geography.

A wonderful, imaginative, mind-blowing project. Johannesburg as it has never been seen or heard before.

Robin Cohen

Emeritus Professor, Senior Research Fellow, Kellogg College Associate, Department of International Development University of Oxford


Audrey Brown

Radio host, BBC: Focus on Africa

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